Scania R 560 - Gruber Logistics

This sharp Scania R 560 of Gruber Logistics, location Kufstein (AT), stood parked at the border near Venlo (NL) in the direction of the Netherlands.

The truck is powered by a Scania 15.6 liter V8 engine with 560 hp.

The truck has a very short wheelbase.

Behind the cabin is a small equipment tower made with at the bottom a large diesel tank, above two large storage boxes with in the middle the hydraulic oil tank and on top are four airbarrels made.

Between the first two axles is the Adbluetank made.

Attached to the truck is a 6 axle Bertoja semi lowloader with ramps. An italian made trailer. This combination is allowed to load 80 tonnes of cargo.

The load is a Soilmec SR-75 drilling rig.

The SR-75 weights during the transport around 49 tonnes.

A very nice combination!

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