Scania R 560 - Brenner

Together with the Scania R 620 and the Volvo FH16 750 was this Scania R 560 of Brenner Spedition from Dormettingen (DE) on the move the transport precast concrete elements to the construction site in Steinheim (DE).

The truck is this sharp Scania R 560 with 6x4-drive line. Both rear axles are powered by the Scania DC16, a 15.6-liter diesel engine with a power of 412 kW (560 hp).

Behind the front axle is the large diesel tank installed. Behind the cabin is only a small storage compartment made.

The combination exists out of a 3-axle truck that is attached to a 3-axle dolly. The cargo is a concrete beam with a mass of 20 tonnes.

The 3-axle dolly from Doll has a steerable front axle.

During the second ride was the combination delivering a long 30 meter beam with a mass of 33.6 tonnes. Another very sharp combination by Brenner!

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