Scania R 580 - Bau-Trans

This sharp Scania R 580 of Bau-Trans, yard Biatorbagy (HU), stood togehter with the Scania R 560 of Felbermayr along the highway A61 in the direction of the Netherlands parked.

It is a new truck with 8x4 drive line. The truck is powered by a 16.4 liter Scania DC16 102 V8 diesel engine with 581 hp.

Behind the cabin is the large equipment tower with large diesel tank, storage compartments, hydraulic oil tank and compressed-air tanks made. Behind the first axle is the muffler made.

Bau-Trans is part of the Felbermayr group from Wels (AT) and has today also using the light blue colors. The trailer is stil in the old Bau-Trans colors.

Attached is a Faymonville low loader in 2-bed-4 configuration. The load is a transformer.

A sharp combination!

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