Renault T 460 - Remco Nolthenius Transport

This sharp Renault T 460 belongs to Remco Nolthenius Transport from Nibbixwoud (NL) and is combined here with a tipper of Spaansen from Winkel (NL).

The truck with 6x2-drive line is powered by a Renault DTI 11, a 10.8-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 338 kW (460 hp). The 6x2-drive line is the largest axle formula that is available in the Netherlands, in some other countries is the Renault T-series also sold as a 6x4.

Behind the front axle is the diesel tank installed. The truck has a liftable pusher axle that is steerable also.

On this side are behind the front axle the muffler and the hydraulic oil tank installed.

From this angle we can just see the AdBlue tank behind the cabin. Attached is here a 3-axle Stas S300CX tipper of Spaansen.

The tipper is able to bring a cargo of 36 tonnes and has a volume of 28.1 cubis meters. A sharp combination!

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