Mercedes-Benz Actros 3360 - WEA Transport

This sharp Mercedes-Benz Actros of WEA Transport stood parked at Liebherr in Kirchdorf an der Iller (DE) with a load for Kazakhstan. WEA Transport also comes from Kazakhstan, but the truck is here registered with the German department from Lage (DE). On the internet you will find some photos of this truck with Kazakh license plates also.

The truck is this sharp Mercedes-Benz Actros 3360 with 6x4 drive line. The truck is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 502 LA, a 15.9-liter V8-engine with 598 hp.

Behind the front axle are the AdBlue tank, the airfilter and the diesel tank installed. Behind the cabin is another large diesel tank made.

On this side are behind the front axle the Euro 5 muffler, the battery and airbarrels installed.

Attached is a 5-axle MegaMAX Faymonville trailer existing out of a single axle jeep dolly and a 4-axle low loader.

The load is this brand-new Liebherr LH 30 C material handler on crawlers. The Liebherr is 11.25 meters long, 4.4 meters wide and 3.3 meters high. The transport mass is 30.5 tonnes.

A detail of the 1-axle jeep dolly. The trailer was delivered trough ES-GE from Essen (DE).

This very sharp combination would have a long journey later that night.

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