Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 - Seeland

A sharp Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 of Seeland from Hamburg (DE) on the move with a 7 axle lowloader. Seeland is part of the BigMove group.

The truck has an OM 502 LA (V8) engine with a 15.9 liter stroke and 600 hp.

The truck has a short wheelbase for a small turning circle.

Behind the cab is the large diesel tank made. On top are some large storage compartments made, surrounded by some airbarrels. On the driver's side is a vertical exhaust made. The equipment tower is finished with some nice flaps on both sides.

A detail of the gooseneck and 2 axle dolly of the Scheuerle lowloader.

The rear part of the lowloader exists out of a small bed and 5 pendel axes.

The load is an imposing Liebherr A 954 C equipment handler with massive tires. The machine is 3.7 meters wide and weights about 62 tonnes.

On the rear part of the trailer are laying the extenders of the lowloader bed.

Between the first two axes is the AdBlue tank made.

A very sharp combination of Seeland!

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