Mercedes-Benz Actros 2651 - Schoch Holztransporte

The company Schoch Holztransporte from Reinstetten (DE) is owning two nice Mercedes-Benz Actros 2651 trucks. They are used to transport long tree-trunks. They are also owning some trucks to transport shorter trunks.

The truck is a modified Mercedes-Benz Actros 2651 with 6x4 drive line and V8 engine. For this use the chassis was extended. Between the outrigger of the crane and the front axle are on this side the tank and abluetank made.

The reconstruction was done by the Schuchard company from Kassel (DE). This company is spezialized to build trucks for trunk transporters.

The Jonsored "Big Jon" 2490 crane is used to load and unload the truck. It is a 24 mt crane, has a maximum capacity of 5.85 tonnes and a jib length of about 8 meters. The crane is folding double over the roof of the cabine without exceeding the max. height of 4 meters.

The fifth wheel was removed and replaced by a slewable frame whereon the trunks are loaded directly. This truck can't be used with a normal trailer.

The maximum length of such a combination is legal 27 meters, the trunks have a length of about 20 meters.

The 2 axle dolly is a product of Glogger Fahrzeugbau. The dolly is with a steel cable connected with the truck in order the dolly can't slide relatively to the trunks. The front axle is steerable to make the turning radius shorter.

On this side of the truck are the mufler, battery and airbarrels made.

A very sharp combination!

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