Mercedes-Benz Actros 4165 - Van der Meijden

Van der Meijden from Koudekerk aan den Rijn (NL) owns this very nice Mercedes-Benz Actros 4165 heavy haulage truck.

It is a 4 axle truck with a 653 hp, 15.9 litre engine. The truck was added to the fleet in 2011.

The truck can also be used as a ballasted pulling- or raking vehicle, the bumper is reinforced.

Fitted with a big megaspace cab. Behind the cab is a big fuel tank, airbarrels and coolers for the liquid coupling made.

The truck was used with a 5-7 platform trailer, combined with Faymonville and Scheurle axles, to deliver 65 tonne beams to the Terex AC 700 of Sarens. The truck has an allowed total weight of 250 tonnes, the truck itself weights already 14.5 tonnes.

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