Mercedes-Benz Actros 4163 - Max Bögl

Max Bögl from Neumarkt (DE) is using more of these sharp Mercedes-Benz Actros 4163 trucks. This truck, the W39", is often with this 10 axle Scheuerle low loader on the move and stood parked here with a large Liebherr drilling rig in front of the factory in Nenzing (AT) and was waiting for the night transport.

The last generation Actros is by Mercedes-Benz only supplied by a 6 cylinder engine. This truck is powered by a 15.6 liter Mercedes-Benz OM 473 LA with 625 hp.

Between the first two axles is the large muffler made.

At the rear of the chassis is hanging a small coupling to take e.g. dollies with the truck on the way back. The last two axles are driven.

Attached is a 10 axle Scheuerle low loader in 4-bed-6 configuration.

The load is a Liebherr LB 36 drilling rig with a 83 tonne mass and destination Singapore.

Because this Actros is fitted with a reinforced bumper it is also possible to push and brake transports.

Behind the cabin is a large equipment tower made with a large dieseltank, oil tank, airbarrels and coolers for the radiator and hydraulic oil.Between the first two axles are the AdBlue tank and a storage compartment made. This truck is fitted with a turbo coupling and is useable for weights up to 250 tonnes.

The Liebherr LB 36 has a 25.2 meter length, a 3.6 meter breadth and a 3.7 meter height during the transport over the road.

A very sharp combination!

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