Mercedes-Benz Actros 3355 - Kübler Spedition

A Mercedes-Benz Actros 3355 of Kübler Spedition from Michelfeld-Erlin (DE) used by transporting some modules for a temporary hospital in Schwäbisch Hall (DE).

Pulled is a 4 axle Doll semi-lowloader.

The truck is remarkable because of his flaps behind the cabin.

The truck is customized by Titan. Behind the cab is a heavy transport tower build, that is covered by the flaps. It is one of the less 3 axle trucks customized by Titan.

Behind the cab is the heavy transport tower build, but without cooler because there is no torque converter used. At the bottom of the tower is a big fuel tank build.

On this side are between the first and second axle the batery and two airbarrels made.

The truck is a little bit strange because of his colors, the trucks of Kübler are normally green.

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