Mercedes-Benz Actros 5051 - Koeman Berkhout

A special job for this sharp Mercedes-Benz Actros 5051 with Putzmeister M52-5 of Koeman Berkhout.

Because the island De Woude (near Castricum (NL)) with about 160 residents is only attainable by ferry (with a alowable vehicle mass of 10 tonnes) must be searched for other solutions to get 90 kubic meters of concrete on the island.

Two empty concrete trucks of Van der Kamp could reach the island (empty) by ferry. The M52 of Koeman is pumping the concrete over the water to fill the concrete trucks on the island.

It is the second 5 axle and 52 meter concrete pump of Koeman. The other is constructed with a Swing S52 concrete pump.

Attachted to the boom was another 50 meters of tube to reach the fill station.

The water is about 40 meters wide and very busy with boats on sunny days.

Elsewhere on the island was standing another concrete pump of Koeman, a 42 meter pump.

The construction is a new stable for cows.

This pump has reached the island by barge.

The M52 has a 10x6 undercarriage and 510 hp. Putzmeister concrete pumps are always easy recognizable because they haven't any overpass over the cab.

A very nice machine used for a very special job!

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