Mercedes-Benz Actros 2655 - Glass

A sharp Mercedes-Benz Actros 2655 of construction company Glass from Mindelheim (DE). Glass is producing on this location prefab concrete elements and has a big fleet of trucks to transport these parts to their construction sites. Recognizable are the green colors.

The truck fleet exists mainly out of Mercedes-Benz trucks, also this Actros 2655. The truck has a 6x4 drive line which is powered by a 550 hp V8 engine.

This combination exists out of a 3 axle truck and a 3 axle dolly. The load is a big beam, laying on one side directly on the fifth wheel of the truck.

On the other side the beam is supported on the dolly. The truck and dolly are connected by a cable with eachother, by doing this the concrete beam isn't loaded with pulling forces.

Unfortunately the manufacturer of the dolly isn't known by me. By an empty trip, the dolly if taken as a trailer by the truck.

A nice combination!

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