Mercedes-Benz Actros 4163 - Ferraro Group

This sharp Mercedes-Benz Actros 4163 of Ferraro Group from Neunkirchen-Heinitz (DE) stood together with the other Actros 4163 along the German highway 6 near Nürnburg (DE) parked. This truck was on the road with an 8-axle low loader.

The last generation Actros is by Mercedes-Benz only supplied by a 6 cylinder engine. This truck is powered by a 15.6 liter Mercedes-Benz OM 473 LA with 625 hp.

Behind the cabin is a large equipment tower made with a large dieseltank, oil tank, airbarrels and coolers for the radiator and hydraulic oil. This truck is fitted with a turbo coupling and is useable for weights up to 250 tonnes. With the trailer coupling at the rear of the chassis is it also possible to tow trailers.

Attached is a Goldhofer THP XLE 3/5 low loader.

The cargo is an imposing Kleemann Mobirex MR 130 Z crusher with a 21.6 meter length, a 3 meter breadth and a 3.75 meter height. The transport mass is around 64 tonnes.

The Kleemann just fits onto the low loader.

A very sharp and imposing combination!

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