Mercedes-Benz Actros 6561 - Faber Betonpompen

Faber Betonpompen from Zoeterwoude (NL) owns this interesting Mercedes-Benz Actros 6561 with Putzmeister M63-5 concrete pump, the biggest in the Netherlands!

The front axle is driven. The pump has a outriggers in a cross shape, the front outriggers are 12.1 meters wide.

The rear outriggers are even 12.3 meters wide. The distance between the outriggers is 12.5 meters. The rear outriggers are also used as a water -and fueltank.

The boom of the concrete pump exists out of 5 sections and has a vertical reach of 63 meters and a horizontal reach of 59 meters.

In the bin at the rear is the livered concrete paid.

One of the less 6 axle trucks in the Netherlands.

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