Mercedes-Benz Actros 5155 - Boots Hem

At the end of June 2010 Boots from Hem (NL) received this very beautiful Mercedes-Benz Actros 5155 in their fleet.

The truck is a scoop, because this is the first 5 axle Mercedes-Benz heavy haulage tracktor in Holland!

That 5th axle was added to enlarge the loading capacity from the tracktor, it is a liftable and steered axle. The chassis is originally from a tipper.

The truck is fitted with a heavy Fassi F1300 XP knucke boom crane.

At the rear is a heavy trailer coupling mounted. In the future this truck will also be used as a towel truck. For this some modifications are made.

A detail from the liftable, 5th axle. Between the axles are some nice boxes build.

A smaller spreader is placed in a frame behind the crane.

At Boots's request is the tracktor equiped with a megaspace cab.

The tracktor will be used with a 2 axle lowloader or 4 axle semi lowloader.

A very beautiful acquisition for the Dutch roads!! With thanks to Boots Hem for posing!!

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