Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 - Bloedorn

This Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 of Bloedorn from Dortmund (DE), that part is of the BigMove group, stood parked on the border in the direction to Germany near Venlo (NL).

This type of truck Actros 4160 in the BigMove colors could be seen before on this website; by Geser Spedition, Spedition Gutmann and by Wallek. They are all 4 axle trucks with the OM 502 LA (V8) engine of Daimer with a volume of 15.9 liters. These trucks are coming directly from Mercedes's production in Molsheim (FR) and are not modified by Titan.

Pulled is a 7 axle Nicolas lowloader in 2-bed-5 configuration.

Behind the cab is the heavy equipment tower mounted, with at the bottom the bended tank making it possible for the gooseneck to swing over. Above are two large storage compartments build, next to them the AdBlue tank and on top are some airbarrels made.

The load is a large foundation rig of Franki, a RA 347FA.

In Germany is it not allowed to load over the cab.

A sharp combination!

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