Mercedes-Benz Actros 2660 - Spedition Bender

A sharp Mercedes-Benz Actros 2660 of Spedition Bender from Freudenberg (DE) stood parked at a gas station near the German Autobahn.

It is the top model of the Actros 26XX series and has a 15.9 liter V8 diesel engine with 600 hp and 2,800 Nm. The truck can be used for transports up to 90 tonnes.

Behind the cabin is a large fuel tank made. Between the axles are on this side another fuel tank and the Adblue tank built. On the other side are here the mufler, two airbarrels and the baterie built.

The trailer is a Faymonville MegaMAX lowloder existing out of a main trailer and a 2 axle dolly. The trailer and dolly can be splitted from each other, making it possible to attach the lowloader directly with the truck.

To load of e.g. construction machinery the goose neck can be removed of the bed, the machine can than drive onto the bed, over the frontside.

Spedition Bender is using these combinations often to transport parts of windturbines.

A nice combination in the colors of Spedition Bender!

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