GINAF, what means GINkels Automobiel Fabriek, was founded in 1933 by Evert van Ginkel as a trader of cars in Ederveen (NL). In 1948 his sons Adrie and Wulfert take over the business and focus on trade and reconstruction of old army vehicles. The name GINAF was used in 1967 for the first time on trucks, since this year GINAF is officially manufacturer of trucks. The tipper market is very important for GINAF. Althought the first trucks are mainly rebuilt army trucks, more and more new parts were used, mostly of DAF. In 1980 GINAF built their first truck fully out of new parts. In 2011 GINAF got bankrupt, 65 people loosed their job. GINAF could start again with a new owner, the chinese company CHCT. Today GINAF is producing trucks for the middle- and heavy segment for the construction sector and container trucks, herewith are axle configurations from 4x2 to 10x8 used.

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