Woltman THW 5021 - Plomp

This sharp Woltman THW 5021 of Plomp from Papekop (NL) was used on a construction site in Alkmaar (NL).

It is a pile driving rig with a total mass of 51 tonnes (without hydraulic hammer) with the year of manufacture 1995.

The piling rig is powered by a 250 hp strong Caterpillar C-7 engine.

The counterweight can be extended by 1.25 meters. The outriggers at the rear are used for stability backwards in case the piles are driven into the ground angleled.

The leader has a 24.8 meter length and can be tilted rearwards in a 30 degree angle.

The undercarriage is 5.03 meters long and 4.4 meters wide. During the transport over the road has the rig a 19.3 meter length, a 3.5 meter breadth and a 3.65 meter height.

In the leader is hanging a DHK 5L hydro hammer with a total mass of 9.3 tonnes and a ram weight of 5 tonnes.. The piling rig has a maximum capacity (hammer + pile) of 18.5 tonnes; the piles have a maximum weight of 9.2 tonnes in this configuration.

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