RTG RG 21 T - Greuter

Greuter AG from Hochfelden (CH) was using this nice RTG RG 21 T on a large project in the neighbourhood of Zürich (CH), it is a foundation rig with hydraulic extendable leader that is used for driving sheet piles.

It is the largest rig with hydraulic leader that is produced by RTG, a subsidiary company of Bauer from Schrobenhausen (DE). The base rig is a Sennebogen BS60R, the year of manufacture is 2009.

In the leader is hanging a hydraulic vibrator, a RTG MR 125 V.

The undercarriage has a 4.5 meter breadth and can be retrackted to 3 meters for the transport over the road. The uppercarriage is powered by a Caterpillar C18 with 630 hp. The rig has a mass of around 71 tonnes.

The counterweight has a 3.71 meter tailswing and exists out of three parts of 6, 4.2 and 2 tonnes. This rig has the optional system to install the counterweight slabs without use of an assist crane.

The leader can be tilted 4 degrees forwards, 10 degrees backwards and 4 degrees sideways. It is possible to rotate the leader against the base machine 90 degrees to the left and to the right.

The leader is about 9 meters hydraulically adjustable, the maximum length of the piles below the hydraulic vibrator is 21.4 meters. The 5.5 tonne auxiliary winch is optional and can be rotated against the leader.

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