Nippon Sharyo DHP-70 - CSC

This interesting Nippon Sharyo DHP-70 of CSC from Singapore (SG) was there used to drive concrete piles into the ground. It is a piling rig with an operational mass of approx. 70 tonnes.

The undercarriage is 4.98 meters long and 4.01 meters wide. For the transport over the road is the width to be reduced to 3.3 meters.

The rig itself is powered by a HINO EL100, a diesel engine with 125 hp. To power the hydraulic hammer in the leader is the large power pack on top of the counterweight used. The counterweight itself weights 10.5 tonnes and has a 4 meter tailswing.

In the leader is hanging a 6-tonne hydraulic hammer.

Here was the rig with a 22.4 meter long leader used, the leader has a maximum length of 25.4 meters. A very sharp rig of CSC.

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