Delmag RH 18 - ThyssenKrupp

This Delmag RH 18 of ThyssenKrupp from Mittenwalde (DE) was used to drill piles for a sound barrier along the highway A96 near Memmingen (DE). The operation weight of the drilling rig is 64.1 tonnes and the year of manufacture is 2012.

As base machine is a Sennebogen SR 25 used, powered by a CAT engine with a power of 205 kW.

The undercarriage is 5.2 meters long and in operation 4.4 meters wide. For the transport over the road can the undercarriage be retrackted to 3 meters. This is the largest drilling rig by Delmag that can be transported as one unit.

On this side of the undercarriage is the attachment for the oscillator made.

The counterweight weights 6 tonnes and has a 3.23 meter tailswing.

The leader has at minimum working radius of 3.165 meters a total height of 19.9 meters. The maximum working radius is 4 meters. For the transport over the road are the kinematics completly moved forwards and the leader is folded backwards.

At the bottom of the leader are two winches installed, the kelly- and crowd winch to move the rotary drive vertically along the leader. In the leader is hanging a 200 kNm strong rotary drive. Here were bore piles with a 880 mm diameter made.

The auxiliary winch is also attached to the leader, but on top.

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