Delmag RH 12 - Keller

A Delmag RH 12 of Keller by the drilling of piles for a new office building. It is the smallest drilling rig in the programm of Delmag and has a mass of about 45 tonnes.

The leader is the product of Delmag, that is put on an universal base machine, in this case from Caterpillar. The leader has a length of 18 meters.

Here was drilled with an auger, max. drilling depth is around 12 meters.

On the leader are three winches made; the crowd winch, kelly winch and the auxiliary winch. The leader is sideways 9.5 degrees adjustable, 5 degrees forwards and 14 degrees backwards.

8.5 tonnes of counterweight are mounted on the back.

For the transport over the road are the tracks hydraulically adjustable. The transport width is around 3 meters.

The rotary head BT 120 has a max. torque of 135 kNm and can drill with 16 round per minute. The mass is about 3.5 tonnes.

The base machine comes from a Caterpillar excavator. Today are base machines from ABI used.

A sharp drilling rig. Delmag is also known as manufacturer of dieselhammers.

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