Soilmec SC-130 Cougar - Guangzhou Xinqiao Construction

During Bauma 2019 Soilmec showed this impressive Soilmec SC-130 Cougar with SH-30 hydromill. The rig was sold to Guangzhou Xinqiao Construction from China.

The base machine is a Soilmec SC-130 heavy duty crane, the crane is powered by a 755 hp CAT C18 engine.

The hydromill has two hydraulic driven wheels with a torque of 131 kNm. During milling, the mud is directly transported out of the hole trough the thick black hose that can be see on the right top. The hydromill is 1.2 meters long and 2.8 meters wide. The weight of the unit is 35 tonnes.

This rig can be used to mill up to a maximum depth of 70 meters.

During transport over the road, the base unit has a mass of 48 tonnes and a transport width of 3.5 meters without tracks. With tracks is the weight 78 tonnes and the width is 4.0 meters.

The counterweight weights 35.6 tonnes and has a 5,31 meter tailswing. The maximum counterweight weights 42 tonnes.

The tracks are 6.7 meters long and the undercarriage is 6 meters wide.

The rig was fitted here with a 29.5 meter main boom and can be used then for milling depts up to 52 meters. For the maximum milling depth of 70 meters is a 38.5 meter main boom required. The working radius is between 6.5 and 7 meters.

The hydromill is moved trough a hoist rope reefed over the boom head. On top of the boom head is a bridge installed with two huge rollers for the mud hose and the hydraulic hoses.

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