Ruston Bucyrus CH 135 - Volker Stevin Materieel

This Ruston Bucyrus CH 135 of Volker Stevin Materieel from Dordrecht (NL) was used to unload and lift large rebar frames for the slurry walls on the Tweede Maasvlakte (NL). The slurry walls were digged out by three units Liebherr HS 875 HD of BAM, Volker Staal en Funderingen and Zwagerman VMT .

This is a 135 tonne crawler crane. The undercarriage is 7.9 meters long and 6.1 meters wide. For the transport over the road is it required to dismantle the tracks. The crane is powered by a Cummins M11-C-335, a water-cooled 6-cilinder diesel engine with 335 hp.

The rebar frames are transported horizontal and should be installed vertically into the slurry wall. To unload the frame from the trailer and tilting is the crane using two hooks. Directly below the main boom head is a sheave construction attached to prevent that the horizontal lift movements don't cause any wrong loadings (inclined line pull) onto the boom head.

When the rebar frame is hanging vertically in the crane it can be lowered into the slurry wall.

The counterweight weights 33.56 tonnes and has a 5.5 meter tailswing.

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