Ruston Bucyrus 22-RB - Rodruza

Brick factory "De Zandberg" in Gendt (NL), part of the Rodruza group, owns two of these Ruston Bucyrus 22-RB draglines for digging clay. Action photos of the other crane can be found here.

This crane is not in operation anymore and is only serving for parts. The crane was years ago supplied by L.J. Nijland from Delden (NL), today a JCB dealer.

The undercarriage is 3.65 meters long and 2.85 meters wide. The track plates are 66 centimeters wide.

The counterweight has a 2.75 meter tailswing.

Both winches are mounted behind each other. The drag rope in front and hoist rope behind. The crane is powered by a Caterpillar or Dorman engine.

The main boom has here a 15.2 meter length. A sharp crane!

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