P&H 320 - ABT Wasser- und Umwelttechnik GmbH

A P&H 320 of ABT Wasser- und Umwelttechnik GmbH from Mindelheim (DE). This company is mainly using crawler cranes to drill for new watersources, this crane is more used as a yard crane.

The european P&H cranes were made under licence by Rheinstahl from Dortmund (DE). The undercarriage is 3.25 meters wide and it can't be made smaller for the transport.

It is an 18 tonne crane.

The crane is powered by a Deutz F6L 912 engine, an air-cooled 6 cylinder diesel engine with 90 hp. Optionally a 4 cylinder DAF DD 575 A engine could be chosen.

This crane has an operational weight of around 23 tonnes.

The main boom has a 9.14 meter base length and has a max. boom length of 27.43 meters. Optionally a 7.62 meter fixed jib could be installed onto the main boom. The crane here is fitted with a 15.24 meter main boom and lifts maximum 8.25 tonnes in this configuration.

The crane is fitted with two 4.5 tonne freefall winches.

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