NCK Nova HC65 - Sindorf

At Sindorf in 't Harde (NL) were in 2011 three of these sharp NCK Nova HC65 crawler cranes offered. Those are 65-tonne crawler cranes, the previous owner was Weldex.

The undercarriage is 6 meters long and 4.6 meters wide.

For the transport over the road can the undercarriage be retracked to 3.5 meters. The base machine without counterweight has a transport mass of 43.86 tonnes.

The crane is powered by a Caterpillar 3306-DIT 6-cylinder diesel engine with 240 hp. In total are four hydraulic pumps driven to operate the crane functions. The crane has two hoist winches with each a 24 mm hoist cable.

The counterweight weights 18.11 tonnes and has a 4.27 meter tailswing.

The crane was erected with a 42 meter main boom and a 9 meter fixed jib. Over the fixed jib can maximum 6.3 tonnes be lifted.

A second crane, somewhere else on the yard.

In the factory colors of NCK was the undercarriage blue and the superstructure including the boom orange.

This crane was erected with a 51 meter main boom. In this configuration can the crane lift 14.7 tonnes on a 10.4 meter radius and 1.6 tonnes on a 40 meter radius. The longest main boom is 54 meters.

This is the third crane that was erected on the yard.

Also fitted with a 42 meter main boom and a 9 meter fixed jib. The maximum jib length is 15 meters, that can be combined with a 45 meter main boom.

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