Liebherr HS 875 HD - Zwagerman VMT

This Liebherr HS 875 HD of Zwagerman VMT from Nederhorst den Berg (NL) was used as a assist crane with the Liebherr HS 873 HD of Franki on a construction site in Utrecht (NL).

As a lifting crane is this a 100-tonne crane. The undercarriage is 6.48 meters long and 4.9 meters wide.

The counterweight weights 24.1 tonnes and has a 5.52 meter tailswing. The base plate weights 19.6 tonnes and the additional counterweight weights 4.5 tonnes.

The HS 873 HD and the HS 875 HD or optical nearly identical, only the cabin and the engine are different.

For powering the hydraulic pumps is a MAN D 2842 LA, a 12-cylinder diesel engine with 898 hp taking care. The crane is with two 30-tonne winches equiped.

The main work is to lift the heavy rebar into the slurry wall slots.

Fitted with a 29 meter main boom. The crane lifts in this configuration maximum 48.9 tonnes on a 7 meter radius and 5.7 tonnes on a 30 meter radius.

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