Liebherr LTM 1050/1 - Gruas Solucion

Recovery company Gruas Solucion from Pamplona (ES) owns a Liebherr LTM 1050/1 telescopic crane that is often used by recovery work.

It is a 50 tonne crane on 3 axles. The outrigger base measures 7.14 x 6.3 meters or half (as on the photo) 7.14 x 4.31 meters.

In the undercarriage is laying a 6-cylinder Liebherr diesel engine from type D 926 TI-E with 312 hp.

The counterweight weights 9.7 tonnes and has a 3.51 meter tailswing. A part of the CW is during transport over the road laydown behind the cab.

The bus was landed in the road banking and driven over a traffic sign. With the crane the bus was lifted from the concrete base so that it can be recovered.

The crane has a max. boom length of 40 meters which is extendable with a 16 meter double folding jib.

Packed is the crane 11.7 meters long, 2.7 meters wide and 3.6 meters high.

It was possible to equip the crane with a two-person drivers cab.

An impressive 4-axle Scania 124G 420, also of Gruas Solucion, will recover the bus.

In Spanish are with the word "Gruas" cranes and recovery vehicles mentioned.

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