Liebherr MK 63 - Schot

A Liebherr MK 63 mobile tower crane of Schot working on a construction site in Medemblik (NL).

It is the smallest MK crane on an AT chassis that Liebherr has ever built, meanwhile the crane isn't build anymore. The undercarriage cabine is the same as used by the MK 88 and MK 140.

The K shaped outrigger base is making a 7.14 x 6.9 meter, or half 6.32 x 5.2 meter, rectangle. The front outrigger beam telescops in and is then folding in for the transport over the road. This concept was chosen because of weight reasons. By a H shape outrigger base the chassis must be reinforced over a longer length, because of that the crane would be too heavy.

On the rear of the chassis is a hydraulically adjustable platform made so the crane can take some lifting tools with it.

The upper cabine is in height adjustable over the full length of the tower.

The counterweight has a 3.3 meter tailswing.

The crane was here in operation with 25 meters of hook height and a 36 meter horizontal jib.

The jib with a 36 meter length can be operated horizontal and under a 15, 30 and 45 degree angle. The tip load is always 1,800 kg. The max. load is 8,000 kg and can be lifted only with a horizontal jib up to a 9 meter radius. With a 45 degree angle the maximum hook height is 47.9 meter on a 25.8 meter radius.

Adjusting the jib can be done at any time, it is not necessary to consider it during the assembly of the crane.

Folding the jib in and out can be done by a fully telescoped tower. It is possible to fold the jib in an out over 11 meter obstacles.

Packed has the crane a 13.72 meter length, a 2.75 meter breadth and a 4 meter height. The transport mass is approx. 36 tonnes.

A very sharp crane. With thanks to the crane driver for posing for the phots.

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