Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1 - Saan

Since October 2012 is Koninklijke Saan from Diemen (NL) owning a very beautiful Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1. On sunday 4th of November the crane was shown at their yard.

The crane was fitted with the YSL boom guying and the luffing jib.

The full 140 tonnes of counterweight. The crane outrigger dimensions are 10 x 9.5 meters. I believe the outrigger pads are from the old LTM 1160/2.

For the show the crane was fitted with a 56 meter luffing jib, the max. length is 84 meters with YSL or 77 meters without YSL.

The boom is here boomed up. Behind the crane is hanging a box with small tools and light rigging. The rest of the rigging is transported by the ballast truck.

The adjustment winch for the luffing jib can be mounted behind and up the counterweight frame. Depending on the available space on the job site.

In the counterweight is standing a special lifting device which is used to hoist the counterweight slabs.

The YSL boom guying trestles are each unfolded 38 degrees.

The boom is extended 46.3 meters. The max. tip height in this configuration is about 106 meters.

Holland is owning another very beautiful 400 tonne crane!!

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