Liebherr 95 T - Nagel

Nagel, a large rental company for construction machinery in Germany, is operating this very special Liebherr 95 T crawler undercarriage, that can be used with multiple Liebherr bottom- and top slewing tower cranes so that the cranes can be repositioned fast and easy on the construction site. Here was a Liebherr 71 EC-B 5 installed on top of the crawler undercarriage.

The undercarriage is named Liebherr 95 T and has a total mass of 30.5 tonnes with the generator but without central counterweight. The breadth on the construction site is 4.3 meters and the length is 8.03 meters.

The tracks are identical with them of the Liebherr HS 835 HD crawler cranes. The outrigger base measures 7 x 7 meters.

In total are only three of these undercarriages world-wide in use. Nagel, the Liebherr 120 KR.1 of Liebherr-Baumaschinen AG and below a Liebherr 71 KR of Max Bögl.

The undercarriage can be used with various crane types on tower system 120 HC, Nagel is using this undercarriage also with a Liebherr 140 EC-H 10. It is not possible to install each crane on the undercarriage, a special slewing ring support is required with the posibility to lock the crane with the tower.

To power the undercarriage is a 120 kVA MOSA generator used, that can also be used to power the crane.

For enough stability during repositioning and crane operation is in total 30 tonnes of central ballast installed on the undercarriage.

The 71 EC-B 5 is here fitted on a 120 HC tower. During traveling is the crane locked with the tower and inclinations of more then 10% can be driven then. The lock is required to prevend the crane from rotating, because this would change the crane's center of gravity, which is unwanted.

Here is the crane fitted with a 18.8 meter hook height, maximum is that 36.3 meters. The crane is erected with a 40 meter jib and lifts 5 tonnes to 14.6 meters and 1.45 tonnes on a 40 meter radius.

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