Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 - Van Marwijk

The Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 of Van Marwijk from Zoeterwoude (NL) is the LTM 11200-9.1 with serial number 1 and year of manufacture 2008.

It is a 1,200 tonne telescopic boom crane with a 9 axle undercarriage. During the transport over the road the boom is removed and transported by truck. The undercarriage has a 20 meter length, a 3 meter breadth and a 4 meter height. The transport mass is around 108 tonnes.

The boom, with a 56.8 tonne mass, can unload itself from the truck using these four large jacks attached to the boom. These are the first (3) sections, about 50 meter. The max. boom length with 100 meters exists out of 7 sections.

The boom can be assembled. At first is it required to rotate the superstructure. The boom cylinders are jacked up using smaller hydraulic cylinders, the rear outriggers are unfolded.

When the rear outriggers are set on the ground, the superstructure can be rotated. The cabin is made on a rotateble arm and is in height adjustable.

Now the undercarriage can drive under the boom.

The 100 meter boom with superlift weight in total 104.4 tonnes.

When the boom is mounted the jacks will be folded in.

Installing the boom on the undercarriage takes about 1.5 hours.

When the boom is installed the crane can drive to it's correct position on the construction site.

With the assist crane, the Liebherr LTM 1150-6.1, will the LTM 11200-9.1 be erected. Here are the wooded mads spreaded out below the outriggers.

Two days later the crane is erected in T3YV2VEN3 configuration, short: 55 meters of main boom with superlift, 16 meter telescopic extension and luffing jib.

Unfortunately there is to much wind to lift the full rotor of the wind turbine.

The crane is here fitted with 162 tonnes of counterweight, the max. counterweight is 202 tonnes. The counterweight exists out of a 22 tonne base plate with 12 slabs with each 10 tonnes and 4 slabs with each 5 tonnes. The tailswing is 9.15 meters.

The undercarriage is powered by a Liebherr 8 cylinder diesel engine with 680 hp. Four of the nine axles are driven, all axles are steerable.

The superstructure is powered by a Liebherr 6 cylinder diesel engine with 367 hp.

The outrigger base measures 13 x 13 meters.

Fitted with 16 meter lattice boom extension and a 36 meter luffing jib.

The large YSL superlift has a 16 meter slewing radius. Both arms are here folded out 45 degrees.

One day later, still to much wind, but the forecast looks good.

The rotor of the Siemens 2.3 MW windturbine has a 113 meter diameter and must be removed from the shaft because of maintainance works. The shaft height of the turbine is 90 meters.

The rotor weights about 65 meters. The tilting together with the LTM 1150-6.1 is started here.

Again a very nice crane job with the LTM 11200-9.1. Van Marwijk is often with this crane on the move trough Europe to erect wind turbines or to do maintainance works on them.

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