Liebherr HS 842 HD - Marti

A Liebherr HS 842 HD of Marti from Bern (CH). This is a 50 tonne heavy duty crane.

The crane is powered by a Liebherr D 906 6-cylinder diesel engine with 180 hp. The engine poweres four hydraulic pumps that can operate all crane functions at the same time. Optionally could be chosen for an heavier engine; a Mercedes-Benz OM 442 A, a water cooled V8 diesel engine with 330 hp.

For the transport over the road is the A-frame folded down.

The two-part counterweight exists out of a 7.6 tonne base plate and an additional slab of 4.2 tonnes. The total weight is 11.8 tonnes with a 4.15 meter tailswing.

The undercarriage is 5.27 meters long and 4.5 meters wide. The crane has an operational weight of approx. 60 tonnes.

The main boom has an 11 meter base length and can be extended to 38 meters in 3-meter steps.

The crane was erected here with a 26 meter main boom. In this configuration the crane lifts 21.3 tonnes on a 6.5 meter radius and 2.7 tonnes on a 26 meter radius.

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