Liebherr HS 882 HD

This muscular Liebherr HS 882 HD heavy duty crawler crane is used as a dragline in a gravel mine.

The rotation point of the gantry is made on the boom foot. This was also by the Menck M 750, the rough predecessor of this crane. For the drive mechanism is a Mercedes-Benz V8 with 404 hp or a V12 with 609 responsible.

As lifting crane is it a 120 tonne crane with a max. boom length of 50 meters.

Below the boom foot is the fairlead attached. This crane was available with 20, 25 or 30 tonne free fall winches.

The mass of the machine is about 110 tonnes.

By the use as a dragline a head with two big sheaves is used, the sheaves have a large diameter which takes care for less wear on the hoist cable.

The undercarriage is 4.92 meters wide and 6.7 meters long. For the transport over the road are the tracks retracktable, the width is then still 4 meters.

At the rear are 29.3 tonnes of counterweight attached, with a 5.46 meter tailswing.

An overview of the crane, fitted with an approx. 24 meter main boom.

The big Hendrix bucket.

A very sharp machine!

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