Liebherr HS 873 HD

A not used Liebherr HS 873 HD at a gravel pit near Munich (DE).

As a lifting crane is it a 100 tonne crane. The original cabin is replaced by a cabine from a Liebherr excavator.

The crane could be powered by two different engines; a Liebherr V8 diesel engine with 462 hp or a Mercedes-Benz V12 diesel engine with 609 hp.

The crane is erected with the full counterweight of 24.1 tonnes, existing out of a 19.6 tonne base plate and a 4.5 tonne additional slab. The tailswing is 5.51 meters. Between the counterweight and the superstructure is a cover plate missing.

Fitted with a 26 meter boom, but without a bucket. The max. boom length as a lifting crane is 50 meters.

The undercarriage is 6.46 meters long and 4.7 meters wide (with 0.8 meter wide track plates). During the transport over the road is the undercarriage 4 meters wide, the mass of the base machine is then 62 tonnes.

The fairlead takes care that the angle of the pulling rope against the drum doesn't get that large; that reduces the wear of the cable.

Liebherr HS heavy duty cranes have a higher classification compared with standard lifting cranes, so that a longer lifetime can be expected even after heavy duty jobs.

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