Liebherr LTR 1060 - LCS Cable Cranes

LCS Cable Cranes from Sulz (AT) owns this compact Liebherr LTR 1060 that is used as a yard crane and as an assembly crane to install cable cranes on locations which are very hard to reach.

It is a 60 tonne crane and the smallest model out of the current LTR series. The undercarriage is 4.8 meters wide and can be retrackted to a 3 meter breadth for the transport over the road.

The crane's year of manufacture is 2014. The tracks are 6.2 meters long and 0.7 meters wide.

Between the tracks is on both sides 5 tonnes of central counterweight attached. On one side is a 0.6 tonne extension attached, on this frame the crane can put down his counterweights and can load it itself onto trucks.

On this side is a large storage box attached to the central counterweight.

The counterweight exists out of three slabs with each 5 tonnes, so 15 tonnes in total with a tailswing of 3.5 meters. This crane is equiped with the optional second winch. When this winch is not used an additional 0.6 tonne counterweight slab has to be mounted in stead.

The main boom has a 10.2 meter base length and a maximum length of 40 meters. Optionally the boom can be extended by a 16 meter bi-fold swingaway jib or a 2.5 meter assembly jib. Over the short assembly jib that LCS has attached here can the crane lift 17.7 tonnes.

Powered is the crane by a Liebherr diesel engine D934L A6, a 4 cylinder engine with 175 hp that powers in total 3 hydraulic pumps.

A very sharp and compact crane that is probably used often on very special locations in the mountains!

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