Liebherr 102 KRN - Liebherr-Baumaschinen AG

Liebherr-Baumaschinen AG from Reiden (CH) is using this very special Liebherr 102 KRN.

It is a 102 mt bottom slewing tower crane on a crawler undercarriage. Special is the equilizing system between the undercarriage and the crane. When the crane is standing on a inclined under ground the crane will be equilized compared to the undercarriage. KRN means Klettern Raupen Niveauausgleich.

The crane is powered by a 120 kVA power pack so the crane could move indepentent over the construction site.

The undercarriage is (incl. power pack) 8.9 meters long and 5.7 meters wide. The crawler tracks are each 6.75 meters long, 0.9 meters wide and 1.2 meters high. Powered are they each by a 30 kW electrical motor. The travel gears weight each 10.9 tonnes.

During transport over the road the crane and undercarriage are separated. The crane incl. the tilt table (27 tonnes) are per mobile crane taken down and are transported by low loader or with transport axles. The undercarriage exists out of a center part of 6.3 tonnes, two crawler tracks each 10.9 tonnes and the power pack with connections with about 3 tonnes.

This crane is equiped with a cable drum so the crane could also work with power from the construction site.

The crane has 44 tonnes of counterweight with a 4 meter tailswing. The total weight of the crane is as shown here almost 101 tonnes.

A detail of the tilt table that is connected with the undercarriage by three hydraulic cylinders. The equilizing system can compensate inclinations up to 11% when the crane is traveling with load. In the undercarriage are six sensors made that measure the inclination and reacts automatically using the cylinders. This hydraulic system is powered by a 22 kW motor.

The maximum load of 8 tonnes can be lifted up to a 11.2 meter radius.

The maximum jib length is 50 meters, a load of 1 tonne can be lifted there.

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