Liebherr LTF 1045-4.1 - Krösche-Kran Service

Krösche-Kran Service from Holzminden (DE) owns several telescopic boom cranes on truck chassis and is using the cranes trough Germany. This sharp Liebherr LTF 1045-4.1 on Scania P 410 chassis stood parked in Aichstetten (DE).

As undercarriage is a Scania P 410 8x4 chassis used. The truck is powered by a 13 liter 6 cylinder diesel engine with 400 hp. The crane's year of manufacture is 2015, KKS has in total 8 units of this crane type in use.

During the transport has this crane a 11.4 meter length, a 2.55 meter breadth and a 3.85 meter height. The total weight is around 33 tonnes.

The X-shaped outriggers are making a 6.42 x 6.2 meter rectangle, or half 5.29 x 4.65 meters. Behind the cabin in a large storage compartment made for wood (bottom) and lifting tools.

The crane is equiped with a 3.4 tonne hoist winch. During the transport over the road 2 tonnes of counterweight remains attached to the superstructure. The counterweight's tailswing is only 3 meters.

On the undercarriage is laying 3 tonnes of counterweight, the total counterweight of this crane is 5 tonnes. The LTF 1045-4.1 can be used with a maximum counterweight of 9 tonnes.

The 4 part main boom has a 10.5 meter base length and has a maximum length of 35 meters. Optionally the main boom can be extended by a 9.5 meter single folding jib. This crane isn't equiped with this jib.

By Liebherr means LTF for Liebherr Teleskop Fremdfahrgestell. By installing the crane on a standard truck chassis this crane is very good useable for long distance traveling.

Krösche is using their cranes mainly for erecting precast houses trough Germany.

A very sharp crane with fresh colors!

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