Liebherr LTM 1100-5.1 - Kran Warylo

A Liebherr LTM 1100-5.1 of Kran Warylo from Szczecin (PL) on a jobsite in Ehingen (DE), where this crane is built also. The crane was about 800 kms away from home.

It is a 100 tonne crane on 5 axles. Packed is the crane 13.63 meters long, 2.75 meters wide and 4 meters heigh. The mass is about 60 tonnes.

In the undercarriage is laying a Liebherr D 9408 TI-E, 8-cylinder diesel engine with 544 hp. The first and the last two axles are steerable.

The crane was put up with the full counterweight of 35 tonnes. The tailswing of the counterweight is 3.84 meters.

The main boom is here 41.3 meters extended, the max. length is 52 meters. The boom is extendable with a 19 meter folding jib that is mountable under a 0, 20 and 40 degree angle.

The outriggerbase measures 7.23 x 7 meters, or half, 7.23 x 5 meters.

Here was the crane used to build storage tanks.

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