Liebherr LTM 1045-3.1 - Gall

A Liebherr LTM 1045-3.1 of Gall from Memmingen (DE).

It is a 45 tonne crane on 3 axles. Packed is the crane 11.21 meters long, 2.68 meters wide and 3.85 meters height. The transport mass is about 36 tonnes.

The counterweight of the crane weights 7 tonnes and has a 3.45 meter tailswing.

The outrigger base measures 7.17 x 6.4 meters, or half 7.17 x 4.5 meters.

Here was the crane lifting blocks. The main boom is fully extended and is 34 meters long. The main boom is extendable with a 16 meter folding jib.

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