Liebherr LTM 1070-4.1 - Feuerwehr Ulm

Lieberr is offering also special modificated cranes for the fire departments, an example of such a crane is this sharp Liebherr LTM 1070-4.1, working by the fire deparment of the German city Ulm (DE). The crane was shown on a small show of a local fire department, not far away from Ulm.

The fire department cranes are mainly used by the rescue of persons at higher heights, salvage of vehicles, salvage of trees after storm and to tow vehicles. The cranes can also beeing used by the fighting against fire. The crane's year of manufacture is 2005.

A 30-tonne lifting beam is attached on the bumper.

The boom has a 50 meter length.

Hanging next to the boom is a special jib, that can be attached to the boom head. On the jib is a nozzle attached, where with the fire deparment can squirt water from a 50 meter height onto the fire. Two tubes are attached on the head, below the boom, onto a pump vehicle on the ground.

The fire demparment LTM 1070-4.1 only has 10 tonnes of counterweight, compared with the 14.5 tonnes of the 'normal' crane.

Next to the crane is standing a classical Magirus firetruck. At this moment, Magirus is still building firetrucks in a big company near Ulm.

At the rear of the crane is a tow bar attached and a big storage box with tools. Behind this box is a 8-tonne winch made.

Above the counterweight is a frame with pully made, wheretrough the winch can be reeded. An interessting crane!

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