Liebherr LR 1750/2 - Fanger

Fanger from Sachseln (CH) was using their Liebherr LR 1750/2 for the installation of two steel constructions in Dietikon (CH). On the early evening the crane is already prepared with the load attached to the hook.

The Liebherr LR 1750/2 of Fanger was the largest crane in Switzerland, but had to give this position in 2017 to Emil Egger with the LR 11000.

Two heavy steel constructions for a large bridge over the railway will be installed. Because the bridge isn't crossing the railway crossways, but under a 30 degree angle, the base constructions aren't symetrical. To hang the consctructions horizontally in the crane are four strand jacks in use.

The LR 1750/2 is erected in HSLDB configuration; a tapered 70 meter main boom with the 31.5 meter derrick boom and derrick counterweight.

The crane is fitted with 170 tonnes of superstructure counterweight, 45 tonnes of central counterweight and 325 tonnes of derrick counterweight.

The assist crane is the Liebherr LTM 1200-5.1, also of Fanger, used.

The lifting works are starting around 12:30 AM, the crane picks up the construction and moves it towards the railways. Once the power of the electrical power lines is removed, the construction will be moved to its destination. The construction has a mass of 120 tonnes, the gross weight in the crane is 137 tonnes.

The construction may be moved now over the railways, the crane is working now on a 38 meter radius. The construction has a length of approx. 51 meters. The derrick counterweight has here the minimum counterradius of 13 meters.

To position the construction above the bearings is it required to boom down a few more meters. For this it is required to extend the derrick counterweight radius to 20 meters.

The construction is installed on a maximum radius of 51 meters.

It is now around 03:30 AM and the lifting works are done already, the derrick counterweight is detached and the crane is parked.

One week later is it time for the second construction, again is the construction already hooked in to safe some time later.

Because the second construction will be installed on a shorter radius, it was possible to reduce the derrick counterweight to 287.5 tonnes.

A 5-sheave 162 tonne hook is used, reefed at 11 lines.

The mass of the second construction is also 120 tonnes.

This construction was to be positioned on a 39 meter radius, the derrick counterweight remain at a 13 meter counter radius.

Also the second construction could be installed very quick, within one hour is the rigging already slack and can be detached. Again a very nice action by the professionals from Fanger!

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