Liebherr LTC 1045-3.1 - ESB Kranverleih

ESB Kranverleih from Mittelbiberach (DE) owned this interesting Liebherr LTC 1045-3.1, in the meantime is this crane replaced by an LTC 1050-3.1.

It is the 3-axle 45-tonne compact crane that is driven and operated from one cabin. During the transport over the road is the crane 10.4 meters long, 2.54 meters wide and 3.88 meters heigh. The transport mass is 36 tonnes including the 6.5 tonnes of counterweight. The boom is pointed upwards, to give the crane driver a better view on the right side from the cabin.

The cabin is attached on a telescopic boom. During transport over the road is the cabin attached to the undercarriage. During crane operation can the cabin be moved to a height of around 7.8 meters.

The main boom has a 8.2 meter base length and extends five times to a maximum length of 36 meters.

The crane is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 926 LA, a 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 240 kW (326 hp). This crane has the optional 6x6-drive line. The engine in the undercarriage also powers the superstructure during crane operation.

Here was the crane used on a narrow location to lift some steel beams.

The outrigger base of the crane measures 6.4 x 6.2 meters, or half 6.4 x 4.4 meters. The tailswing of the 6.5 ton counterweight is only 3.2 meters.

The beams are bring in into a narrow opening between the building and scaffolding and then by telescoping out the main boom bring up to the correct height. With the in-height adjustable cabin has the crane operator a good view on his work.

A sharp crane!

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