Liebherr LTM 1040/1 - ESB Kranverleih

A Liebherr LTM 1040/1 of ESB Kranverleih from Mittelbiberach (DE) during the weekend. It is a 40 tonne crane on a 3 axle undercarriage, the crane's year of manufacture is 2000. ESB means Engeser, Staudhammer, Biberach; the two company founders and the city where it was founded.

The outrigger base of the crane measures 7.14 x 6.3 Meters, or half, 7.14 x 4.31 meters.

During the transport over the road this crane has a 10.97 meter length, a 2.66 meter breadth and a 3.67 meter height. The transport weight is, with 7.5 tonnes of counterweight and bi-fold swingaway jib still 36 tonnes.

Special is the single-driver cabine, the wide cabin was only available optional. The upper- and lower parts are both driven by the Liebherr D 926 TI-E, a watercooled 6 cylinder diesel engine with 312 hp.

The crane has in total 7.5 tonnes of counterweight, that has a 3.73 meter tailswing. The big slab of 4.7 tonnes is lay down on the undercarriage during transport over the road.

Behind the crane's chassis is a large storage box for small wood beams made, on top another large box with lifting tools.

The crane has a 4 part main boom with a 9.5 meter base length and a fully extended length of 30 meters. The main boom can be extended by a bi-fold swingaway jib with a 8.1 or 14.5 meter length.

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