Liebherr LTM 1070-4.2 - Bau-Trans

A nice Liebherr LTM 1070-4.2 of Bau-Trans from Lauterach (AT) by the errection of a steel structure.

It is a 70 tonne crane on 4 axles. The year of manufacture is 2008.

The crane's outrigger base is 6.3 x 8 meters. The undercarriage has a width of only 2.55 meters.

The Bau-Trans company is part of the Felbermayr Group, that is why the crane is painted in the nice blue and gray colors.

In the undercarriage is laying a 6 cylinder Liebherr diesel engine with 367 hp. With the engine are the under- and uppercarriage driven. A single engine concept.

Next to the full outriggerbase with a 6.3 meter width, it is also possible to go on half base, with a width of only 4.5 meters.

The crane can be used with a max. of 14.5 tonnes of counterweight, that has a tailswing of 3.5 meters.

The main boom has a maximum length of 50 meters and is extendable by a 16 meter folding jib.

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