Liebherr LTM 1060/2 - Gruas Albur

The Liebherr LTM 1060/2 of Gruas Albur on a construction site in Pamplona (ES). Before were standing here the Liebherr LTM 1045-3.1 and Liebherr LTM 1130-5.1 of Gruas Albur.

Here is a new "Mercadona" supermarket built. The rich ownes were investing a lot in new supermarkets to create new jobs for the people hit by the crisis in Spain.

Fitted with 12 tonnes of counterweight.

Packed is the crane 12.5 meters long, 2.7 meters wide and 3.8 meters height.

The main boom is here extended 35.9 meters, with that are 15.3 tonnes lifted by 7 meters radius and 2.2 tonnes by 32 meters radius. The max. boom length is 42 meters.

The folding jib is 9.5 or 17 meters long and is luffable in angles of 0, 20 or 40 degrees.

Here is the crane lifting steel columns.

The outrigger base measures 8 x 6.3 meters.

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