Liebherr LTM 1045-3.1 - Gruas Albur

This Liebherr LTM 1045-3.1 of Gruas Albur was used by the construction of a supermarket in Pamplona (ES). Before was here working the Liebherr LTM 1130-5.1 of Gruas Albur, their biggest crane.

It is a 45 tonne crane with 3 axles. Packed had the crane a 11.2 meter length, a 2.7 meter width and a 3.9 meter height. Thanks to its small dimensions the crane is good usable on narrow places.

The outrigger base measures 7.17 x 6.4 meters, or half 7.17 x 4.5 meters. The crane has a Liebherr D 926 TI-E A5, a water cooled 6-cylinder diesel engine with 367 hp. Here with Are the undercarriage and the superstructure opperated.

The crane has 7 tonnes of counterweight, the lower slab of 1.4 tonnes is lay down behind the cab on the undercarriage during transport over the road. The tailswing of the counterweight is 3.45 meters.

The main boom has a maximum length of 34 meters. The main boom is extendable with a 16 meter folding jib, adjustable under 20, 40 and 60 degrees. With that hoist heights of 50 meters or a radius of 40 meters can be reached.

At the rear of the crane is hanging a box with small outrigger pads and above a box with lifting tools.

The crane was used to hoist smaller construction materials.

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