Krupp KMK2020

This Krupp KMK2020 was parked on the yard of Manitowoc in Breda (NL).

It is a 20 tonne crane with 2 axles. Special are the cabs; for driving and crane operating are mounted behing eachother on the superstructure. This idea was overtaken from Gottwald.

This is the rear of the crane, the boom is pointed backwards during transport over the road. The crane has a Mercedes Benz OM 366 A engine with 165 hp. A speed of 80 km/h is possible on the road.

The boom is 20.5 meters long and extends 3 times. A 3.8 meter jib takes care of a 25 meter hoisting height. The jib is mounted under a 15 or 35 degree angle.

The packed length of the crane is 9.6 meters, the width is 2.5 meters and the height is 2.71 meters. Mass of the crane is 16 tonnes with counterweight.

The crane outrigger dimensions are 5 x 5.7 meters.

In front of the crane are the counterweight (3.5 tonnes) and the winch made. The line pull is 2.9 tonnes.

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